Lubulona wood vehicles and building sets

Lubulona is a kids lifestyle brand, that was launched in November 2017 in Barcelona. The aim was to design and manufacture stylish kids’ products, using eco-friendly and high quality materials. Lubulona toys are characterised by their minimalist yet playful style and are both functional as well as decorative.

The product range includes modern wooden toys and colourful prints on wood. All products are designed in Barcelona and are manufactured entirely in Europe with the intention of keeping the environmental impact to a minimum and focusing on fair and local production.

Giving kids only specific toys narrows down the possible benefits they can experience from playing with different types of toys. Boys tend to be given more construction-related toys or toy cars, whereas girls are generally given dolls or toys related to symbolic play. Construction toys promote spacial awareness and mathematical understandings, whereas symbolic play can be very beneficial for children’s ability to emphasise with others. Why let toy marketing and gender stereotypes decide which toys children should play with? Lubulona prefers to give children a choice.

All Lubulona toys comply with the European and US safety standards. Only paint and glue that is EN 71 certified is used and therefore totally safe to be used for toys. Lubulona believes there is definitely enough plastic in this world and there is no need to add more. All Lubulona toys are made out of natural high quality beech wood and we use environmentally friendly cardboard boxes and fabric bags for our packaging. No plastic bags whatsoever. The products are produced entirely in Europe which also helps the environment, because transport distances are kept to a minimum.

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