Just Blocks

Just Blocks building sets

The JUST BLOCKS brand is designed for children. JUST BLOCKS is a family-based company run by parents.

These wooden blocks were orginally made for their own children, which they quickly fell in love with. By watching them play, they discovered what incredible and creative fun they had. By arranging and combining several blocks, they could then go on to build impressive structures. Indeed, they have been, and are continuing to learn from their children's creative play.

Just Blocks are ecologically manufactured out of beech wood without being chemically treated by presevatives, paints or oils. There are four types of wood elements. Each block size and shape has each been thoroughly tested so as to support and enhance a child's motor skills and congenitive brain developent. Building 'Just Block' structures, helps develop a child's fine motor and manual dexterity skills as well as hand-to-eye coordination and to exercise the hand and finger muscles. A given block set is not designed to force/instruct any particular way of playing. In contrast, the focus is on letting children use their own imagination.

During the building process, a child can learn how to explore and exploit cause & effect, to undertake challenging tasks and to test the limits of their abilities. In general, toys tend to impose limits in their use-for-play without stimulating a child's imagination. The 'JustBlocks' approach is intended to counteract this, where a child uses its own creativity, through play, to achieve whatever goals they have in mind. Spacial creative skills so acquired help a child to achieve the necessary and enhanced means for its mental development.

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