ABEL is the work of Folko and Jelmer, two Dutch brothers who embarked on a heartfelt journey in 2016 with a simple idea: to create toys that ignite sparks of creativity and bring joy to children and adults alike.

Their childhood memories overflow with cherished moments of boundless space, adventure, and the joy of unplugged play. Inspired by those magical experiences, they crafted ABEL wooden toys as an expression of their love for making life an extraordinary adventure.

From their beginnings as a small webshop offering play tents, Folko and Jelmer's passion led them to design more open-ended toys, starting with the beloved ABEL Blocks. With each passing year, they’ve added new creations to the lineup, including the ABEL Blocks Mini and the Golden Ratio set. The joy of sharing our toys with families worldwide fills our hearts with gratitude.

Abel's commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in every aspect of what they do. From using FSC-certified beechwood to fostering safe and healthy working conditions, they strive to create toys that are not only kind to the environment but also empower communities. For ABEL, it’s all about treating our planet and its people with love and respect.

The unique shape and the impressive format of the blocks ensures that everything you build with the Abel blocks immediately looks quite beautiful. Every block is made with love and by hand from a piece of beech wood. Mother Nature has decorated them with a beautiful drawing. Abel Blocks can be greatly used to advance fine motor skills, concentration, perseverance, creativity and fantasy. It is also fantastic game material to teach children to work together. Abel blocks come in 3 different sets, with more designs in the works.
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